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INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Hero with hammer saves woman from burning vehicle

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BETHANY, Okla. - What started as a normal day at the Windsor Hills Shopping Center quickly became a wild ride for shoppers and one woman who is lucky to be alive.

Officials say it all started with a hit-and-run accident, where the alleged suspect fled the scene Saturday afternoon.

However, the victim decided to track down the driver.

Lt. Chris Culbreath, with the Bethany Police Department, said, "We got a call in Bethany at 23rd and Rockwell of a hit-and-run accident."

Authorities say the alleged driver headed to the Windsor Hills Shopping Center after the wreck when she came in contact with the victim for a second time that day.

When the victim boxed the suspect in inside the shopping center's parking lot, the suspect began to spin her tires.

In fact, officials say she spun her tires for so long that her car actually caught fire with her trapped inside.

Lt. Culbreath said, "The victim she hit actually followed her here and blocked her in 'til the police could arrive. She backed into him and started burning her tires and got her car so hot that it caught on fire."

Bystanders sprung into action, rescuing her from the vehicle that was beginning to melt.

One Good Samaritan made a move that saved the life of the driver.

He began smashing windows in with a hammer, so others could unlock the car doors and pull her out.

After the rescue, the woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment.