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UPDATE: Judge reduces sentence for convicted killer

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Oklahoma County judge agrees to reduce the punishment for a convicted killer.

The violent crime dates back to 2009.

That's when 23-year-old Connor Mason murdered a homeless Edmond man named Dwight Morgan.

Morgan was also commonly known as "Bicycle Bob."

Morgan died after being stabbed 40 times in the head and neck, a hammer broken over his head and a finger cut off as a trophy.

Prosecutors say Mason committed the crime for no other reason than the thrill of the kill.

In court, Mason's attorney argued the confessed killer has since turned to religion and is a changed man.

The defense wanted his life sentence significantly reduced, but were satisfied with the judge only cutting five years off the life sentence.

Shawn Jefferson, Mason's attorney, said, "I think everyone thinks the court was fair and reasonable. We're all very pleased."

Lisa Adams, Mason's mother, said, "I understand the judge is in a tough position, so I'm perfectly fine."

Mason's mother says the suspect and his family are at peace with the judge's ruling.

Adams said, "Connor knows this is part of a plan for his life."

The sentence reduction does have some symbolism.

Mason will now be eligible for release around the age of 54.

That's the same age Morgan had been at the time of his death.

Prosecutors opposed the lighter punishment by pointing out the extremely violent nature of the killing.

Two of Mason's friends were initially charged as accessories to the murder.

Both pleaded guilty and were given suspended or deferred sentences.

Neither is currently behind bars.