Easy Access To Guns in Sooner State

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OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma receives a special visitor Friday.

Emily Miller, Senior Editor of Opinion for the Washington Times and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun… But Obama Wants To Takes Yours” spoke to the high noon club at H & H gun range.

There, Miller marveled at the ease of access to firearms in Oklahoma.

While spending most of her time in Washington, D.C., Miller decided it was time to arm herself, after she was involved in a violent home invasion.

“It made me decide that I will never be in a situation again where i’m completely vulnerable.” Miller says.

But, over 3 months after applying for gun ownership, she was still empty handed.

In fact, Miller says the whole process took her 4 months.

Each state has its own laws regarding the time and method to owning a gun.

Right now, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut require gun buyers to send all pertinent information through the state or territory in order to complete the firearm background check.

But in Oklahoma, gun owners only have to pass a national background check to purchase a firearm.

“Until I got to Oklahoma I didn`t even know there was such a thing as electronic 4473 which means that people can just walk into a kiosk here at this range put in their social security number put in their information that automatically goes to the F.B.I. they check all their records return it and they can get clearance.” Miller says.

And that’s all it takes.

In Oklahoma, a buyer can get a gun in about 4 minutes.

All it takes is the click of a few buttons, and your application is processed.

Miller adds, “it is so jaw dropping for me to be at h and h sports and i’m standing there and there are people coming in all day and pick out a gun get a federal nics check pay for it and just walk out of the store.”

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