Getting a migraine? scientists believe bad weather is linked with migraines

Posted on: 5:17 pm, December 20, 2013, by and


Scientists believe there is a link between migraines and bad weather.

Drastic temperature change can make headaches much worse, and many doctors say patients are reporting more pain as winter storms begin to roll in.

One doctor says it is possible weather can alter brain chemistry for migraine patients.

However, springtime is actually the worst time for people to suffer from headaches.

In a new study in the journal Cephalagia (coauthored by Martin), researchers saw a 28% increased risk of migraine on days when lightning struck within 25 miles of a sufferer’s home.

I know what you’re thinking: Since we can’t change the weather, are migraine-sufferers doomed to duck each time lightning strikes? Not necessarily, say the experts. “We think the effect of triggers on migraines is additive,” says Martin.