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MUST SEE: Bus passenger grabs alleged phone thief’s gun, riders hold suspect for police

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SEATTLE - Prosecutors are releasing video of a confrontation between an alleged gun-wielding robber and a rider on a Seattle Transit bus and, as you can see,  the passenger's actions are quite amazing.

A Metro Rapid Ride bus was winding its way through west Seattle Nov. 25.

At the same time, police say, Trevonnte Brown was winding through passengers, wearing a hoodie, demanding cellphones and holding a gun.

In the background you can see riders complying with Brown's demands.

So what would you do?

In one rider’s case, he fights back.

The passenger, immersed in activities on his phone, ends up face-to-face with the gun.

He jumped up, ripped the gun from Brown’s hands and threw the first punch.

Soon the bus stopped and passengers piled on, holding Brown for police.

According to officials, Brown later told them he was stealing iPhones to sell on the street for $400 each.

This time he ran into the wrong man.

Luckily no one was seriously injured.