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Serial assault and theft at local retail store believed to be linked together

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Four store thefts in one month. All believed to be tied together. Three of the incidents occurred at this Citi Trends in south Oklahoma City.

During one of the incidents, the accused shoplifters sprayed an employee with mace -- when confronted.

In another incident, the suspects nearly ran over a clerk who was trying to get their tag number during a getaway.

"The vehicle swerved at her narrowly missing her. Fortunately she jumped out of the way and wasn`t injured, but obviously tried to run her over with a car," Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

At a Burlington Coat Factory next door the accused crooks struck again.

Police want to talk with the woman seen smiling in surveillance photo  in connection with the assault and theft.

"Well I hope they catch they tails because that's just really bad," a holiday shopper said.

And police are hoping you will be able to help them catch the alleged Christmas crooks.

"This could have had a much different outcome if the victim not been able to jump out of the way. Obviously they're very dangerous people."

We want to find out who they are, get them identified," Sgt. Wardlow said.