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Edmond police warning women about man with bizarre behavior

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EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond police say they have received numerous calls from women in local parking lots with the same complaint.

Officers say they've gotten to know 37-year-old Kristopher Mackey very well over the years.

Authorities say Mackey's mental health suffers when he's off his medication.

That's when police say he approaches women, thinking they're making sexual advances toward him.

Erin, who did not want her face on camera, was with her 4-year-old daughter when Mackey approached her in the parking lot of the Edmond Public Library.

She was shocked when she learned what he thought she wanted.

“It just makes me want to throw up that one, he approached me with my daughter,” says Erin. “And two, that he thought I was suggesting something."

Erin says she and her daughter were unharmed but wants Edmond police to keep Mackey as far away from her family as possible.

Erin says, “I feel like they should be able to do something.”

Jenny Monroe, with the Edmond Police Department, says they are trying to become involved in Mackey's life before his behavior turns violent.

They're warning women to be aware of him and call police.

“It’s a problem in that we don’t have very many options of what to do. We like to get involved before it becomes criminal,” says Monroe. “We have people that we frequently make contact with in our community and these officers and their training, it really helps.”

Erin is understanding of Mackey's mental condition, but says her encounter with him has scarred her family.

Now, she hopes it doesn't have to happen to anyone else.

“When we were driving back up here again today, she just said, 'I hope that stranger’s not here mommy,” says Erin. “I just really scares me for her.”

Erin says she can rest assured for now.

Mackey committed himself to a treatment facility as of yesterday but officers say since it was voluntary, he can leave whenever he wants.

Again, police urge you to call them asking for a crisis intervention-trained officer if you ever come in contact with Mackey.