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Experts issue warning for residents trimming ice-damaged trees

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OKLAHOMA CITY - While we continue to thaw, many Oklahomans are assessing the damage to their trees.

It may be tempting to get out and beat the ice off of those branches, but tree experts say it is not a good idea.

Monty Marcum, with Marcum's Nursery, said, "Ice storm, heavy wind and tornadoes is probably the three things as nursery men we fear the most."

A lot of ice now coat hundreds of trees at Marcum's Nursery.

While quite picturesque, the ice is also damaging.

Marcum's has their share of broken branches and knocked over trees; however, they aren't the only one.

Up in Edmond, Sara Dunbar's tree toppled over.

She said, "I came driving down the street Saturday and I was like, 'Whose tree is that? Oh, that's mine.'"

Her three boys are now enjoying a new a way to climb.

They've spent many years of their little lives swinging from and climbing the big tree in their front yard.

Now, it has to go because of ice damage.

To clean it up the mess will cost anywhere from $400 to $1,200, which is a heavy price around the holidays.

Marcum's Nursery warns anyone cleaning up broken trees to watch out for scams.

They suggest looking for a reputable company.

Marcum said, "If you are going to have someone come in and prune for you, go ahead and check their background and make sure they know how to properly prune trees so you aren't causing more pruning damage to the tree."

If you plan to do the pruning yourself, just remember to cut back to another branch, which will allow the tree to recover.

While Marcum's expects most of their trees to recover from the ice, Dunbar and her boys are looking on the bright side.

She said, "I won't have to rake as many leaves."

Tree experts say to wait until the ice melts to do any pruning.

Trimming while the ice is still on the tree is not very safe.

If other branches break while you are trimming, you could be injured.