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MUST WATCH: Firefighter jumps into frozen river to save dog trapped by ice

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WELLESLEY, Mass. - A firefighter risked his own life Sunday to save a golden retriever named "Crosby" who had fallen through the ice on the Charles River.

Dave Papazian jumped in the ice covered river with a rope tied around his chest and set off to reach the pup, who was trapped about 50 yards off shore.

Crosby was swimming in a small circle to keep from going under.

Finding the dog's location in the remote stretch of the river proved to be difficult.

Police used a caller's cellphone to pinpoint the location where Crosby was trapped.

After finally reaching Crosby, Papazian held the dog with one arm and continued to smash the ice with his other arm.

Another firefighter then jumped in to help and as others pulled on ropes attached to the men.

Fortunately, they all made it safely to shore.

Crosby was cold and shaking but in good health and was later reunited with his owner.