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Oklahoma murder victim wanted in Texas murder case

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There are new details in the metro's latest homicide after police say the victim was a wanted man.

Willie Boley, 36, was shot and killed Sunday in the 14000 block of Scott St.

Police say his girlfriend called 911 saying she had to shoot him.

Flashing lights and crime tape wrapped around Maria Herrera Gesolis' neighborhood.

She said, "It's sad, just sad because people snap, people fall apart and these things happen."

One thing police did not expect to happen was that the victim, Boley, was wanted in Richland Hills, Texas.

Investigators say they have been looking for Boley for years and wanted to question him about the murder of Marianne Wilkenson.

Mike Wilkenson said, "I cannot imagine anybody having a grudge like that against my mother at all."

Wilkenson was 67-years-old when someone shot her in her home in 2007.

Her family believes it was a case of mistaken identity.

Now, police will never get the chance to interview Boley.

No one was at the home Monday.

Still, neighbors are wondering if the woman next door could have been in danger while they sat unknowingly across the street.

Matt Keller said, "I was out working in the garage and I never heard a shot, yelling or nothing."

Herrera Gesolis said, "I think, when you're pushed to a limit, you snap and you do what you have to do to defense yourself."

Richland Hills police have partnered with a business to offer at total of $11,000 to anyone who can help solve the Wilkenson murder case.

If you have any information, call (817) 469-8477.