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OKLAHOMA CITY - The wave of winter weather has affected many people this season, including small business owners.

Some companies closed their doors during the ice storm over the weekend, while others stayed open, taking a direct hit to business.

Ice is still hang on awnings and lingering on trees and hand rails.

Eric Smith, with Sara Sara Cupcakes, said, "The ice is just a killer."

For some stores, the ice storm affected business significantly.

Smith said, "That's typically a big day of the year, the Saturday before Christmas."

Due to the nasty weather conditions, business was down nearly 80 percent over the weekend.

Just a block from Sara Sara Cupcakes, Factor 110 & 110 Events, took a hit too.

Brian Ferrell, with Factor 110 & 110 Events, said, "It was a little stressful."

The company deals with special events.

This past weekend, there were nearly 10 events on the books that faced delays and hiccups, but no cancellations.

Ferrell said, "Our trucks were completely iced over and already loaded so we had to make arrangements for additional trucks to come and load and re-load and get them to the event on time."

With Oklahoma's unpredictable weather, Ferrell says their company has to have a backup plan.

He said adding more staff and communication with clients is key.

He said, "Knowing that we can't control the weather, there's certain things we can't control and just being able to work around those and be ready."

With just a couple days until Christmas and warmer weather in the forecast, business owners are hoping pre-Christmas shopping will pick up.