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OKLAHOMA CITY – While many fans will be trash-talking later this week, Gov. Mary Fallin is putting her money where her mouth is.

Gov. Fallin has made a wager with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on the outcome of Friday night’s Cotton Bowl game between their respective alma maters.

Both governors are wagering food products, which will then be donated to a food bank in the winning team’s state.

Fallin is betting a food basket with about 50 pounds of Made In Oklahoma products.

If the Cowboys beat the Tigers, Gov. Nixon will donate a ham and turkey to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

If the Tigers win, Gov. Fallin’s basket will be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

β€œIt is definitely an exciting time for both universities to be playing in a historic bowl game like the Cotton Bowl,” Gov. Fallin said. β€œI appreciate Gov. Nixon for showing good sportsmanship by participating in this friendly wager as we continue to raise awareness about hunger in both states. I look forward to the delivery of these goods when the Cowboys win!”