New law gives law enforcement a new tool to target uninsured drivers

Posted on: 7:32 am, January 2, 2014, by


OKLAHOMA – Another new law is in effect right now that gives law enforcement a new tool to target uninsured drivers.

Before the New Year, officers were only allowed to impound the vehicle, or writing the uninsured driver a ticket or warning.

Now, they also have the option to seize license plates from the uninsured driver’s vehicles.

A citation will serve as a temporary license play for up to 10 days. During that time, temporary insurance will be issued at the cost of the driver.

Officials say the local sheriff’s officer will hold the original license plate until the driver buys an insurance policy, and has paid all fines.

Insurance commissioner John Doak says 1-4 Oklahoma drivers are uninsured. He is hoping this new law will decrease that number.