Oklahoma River is being drained for MAPS 3 improvements; altheletes miss the water

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- If you’re around the eastern basin and southern parts of the Oklahoma River, it can be quite the eye sore right now.

The river is being drained for MAPS 3 improvements, which will be going on for the next couple of months.

“I like being on the water,” said Cornforth.

Bria Cornforth and her family spent the morning looking out at the Oklahoma River, which seems to be more like a muddy ditch right now.

“I don’t like it because I want to be on the water training,” said Cornforth.

Cornforth is 14-years-old, she’s a high performance kayaker, hoping to make it to the Olympics one day.

“Because the river is closed we have to pack up our boats and go out to Lake Overholser and it’s a little bit further of a drive,” said Cornforth.

There’s a reason behind the closures.

The Eastern basin of the Oklahoma River is being drained so crews can work on the second phase of the MAPS 3 improvements.

“We’re adding infrastructure that really makes it an arena for water sports events,” said Boathouse District Executive Director Mike Knopp.

The total cost of the construction project is just under $4.5 Million.

People can look forward to new starting docks, judging platforms and LED lighting systems.

“Enhancing the whole experience as a spectator by having the lights and the things that make events more exciting,” said Knopp.

For the athletes that live here like Cornforth, she can’t wait to get back to training on the Oklahoma River.

“Being able to use everything new, getting out there,” said Cornforth.

The Oklahoma River is being drained between Eastern Avenue and the Paul Brum, Jr. Dam.

The south bank of the river, including the trails, is also closed from Bryers Bridge to I-35.

The Oklahoma River is being drained between eastern avenue and the Paul Brum, Jr. Dam.

Construction is expected to be finished by early March.