Man’s quick thinking saves cows from frozen pond

Mike Elder's Facebook pic

Mike Elder's Facebook pic

MISSOURI – A Missouri man is being applauded for his quick thinking after finding a group of cows that had fallen through the ice, into a frozen pond.

Mike Elder spotted a strange sight when he passed a frozen pond with calves struggling to stay above water.

He immediately grabbed some rope and began trying to pull the cows to shore.

For more than two hours, the baker led the cows to the edge of the pond and eventually onto dry land.

“My kids are proud of me. It’s made a good story. It’s been fun. I posted a little picture on Facebook and I’ve been surprised how happy it make people, the story,” said Elder.

Elder and his kids have covered the cows with hay to keep them warm until the farmer came home.

The owners of the livestock say the cows have recovered and are doing just fine.