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Baby have diaper rash? Might actually be allergic reaction

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Does your baby have diaper rash?

A new study shows the rash could actually be an allergic reaction to the wipes you’re using.

According to researchers at the University of Connecticut, what looks like eczema might actually be a reaction to a chemical preservative commonly referred to M.I.

Dermatologists said the simple solution is to just stop using the wipes.

But any parent knows the wipes are difficult to do without.

So what are the alternatives?

“The smartest thing to do would probably be minimizing the use of wipes, maybe just use it when you’re traveling or when you’re outside of the home and when you’re home just use a gentle cleanser and paper towels or a washcloth, the old-fashioned way,” Dermatologist Dr. Mary Chang said.

Wipes maker, Kimberly-Clark, said they plan to introduce wet wipes without the M.I. chemical later this month.

Doctors said there are some wipes on the market made without M.I.

They said the best way to avoid it is to read the label.