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Friendly Oklahoman unknowingly helps alleged thieves steal neighbor’s belongings

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A friendly Oklahoman unknowingly helps alleged thieves get away with some of his neighbor's belongings.

Jim Fike has put chains and locks on the gate to his property around N.W. Expressway and Edmond Rd. after thieves stole from his shed several times over the last few weeks.

Fike said, "Every time they did it, it was like noon or 1 instead of at night. I guess that's even more gutsier."

Now, a neighbor believes he caught the alleged brazen thieves on camera after he unknowingly helped them get away.

Phil Owens says the alleged crooks got stuck in mud during a recent raid, so they sent one of their partners, a woman, to ask for help.

Owens says the woman told him they worked for Fike and just needed a quick tow.

"I thought it odd enough that I had my wife lock the door and I carried a firearm with me when I went down there," Owens said. "When I got there, there were three individuals, two men and a woman."

In just a few minutes, the alleged suspects were on their way with a trailer-full of copper, steel, antique horse saddles and a motorcycle.

Owens says he's now prepared to look out for his home and his neighbor's property.

"We have the dogs for their vocal alert, if you will," Owens said. "And then I'm prepared, within reason after that, to deal with the situation. And then I'll call the police."

"I just can't believe that it takes me 45 years to gather all that stuff and them a day or two to steal it all," Fike said. "It's kind of shameful."

Fike is now working on installing a security system of his own to catch the thieves if they ever come back.