UPDATED: Air Force officers caught in cheating scandal; Hagel: sign of Ethics problem

Air Force Nuclear Missle Silo

UPDATE 8:28 p.m.

Today, the Pentagon announced two retired top officials will review recent cheating scandals in both the Air Force, and the Navy.

This as secretary of state Hagel works to understand how wide spread the cheating problem is.

Pentagon spokesperson Admiral John Kirby said in Today’s press briefing, the breach has the secretary’s full attention, and he is deeply troubled by it.

Secretary Kirby states: “As a department, we don’t fully know right now what we are grappling with here, and how deep and serious it is.”

“It wasn’t lost on him, that here is another example of unethical behavior by people in uniform, and that is really the core issue here. And I think he just wants to better understand what we have going on here.”

Original story:

The military has stripped the certification and security clearances of several officers at a Montana missile base after uncovering what it believes is the largest cheating scandal ever to hit the nuclear force.

As many as 34 officers have been implicated.

According to officials, some of those officers apparently texted each other the answers to a monthly test on knowledge of how to operate the missiles.

Three of those officers were also caught using drugs.

As for the fallout, those involved have lost their certification, and 200 missile crew members will re-take the test.