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Experts warning cyber attacks like Target’s now taking aim at more major stores

Credit card cyber atttack

Experts are now a warning that cyber-attacks, like the ones used to steal financial and personal data from more than 100 million Target and Neiman Marcus customers, are ongoing.

A big cyber security firm said at least six other retailers are now under attack.

However, those six firms were not named.

The virus used to steal financial and personal data from an estimated 110 million Target shoppers is now infecting other retailers.

Upscale Neiman Marcus says a security breach in their system went undetected for nearly six months, according to the New York Times.

Now, cyber-security company, IntelCrawler, says at least six other retailers are under active attack by hackers.

Experts say it is highly likely that more merchants will be forced to come forward and tell their customers they are at risk.

IntelCrawler does not name the other businesses but it does identify an alleged mastermind behind the virus, a 17-year-old programmer from St. Petersburg, Russia, “a very well-known programmer of malicious code in underground.”

A separate report by another cyber security firm obtained by NBC News confirms Target’s network was hacked using a Russian virus called KarToxa, Russian slang for “potato.”

The agency iSight, which is working with the Secret Service, does not reveal how hackers infiltrated Target’s network but does describe how the virus works; secretly siphoning off personal data at the point of sale.

As soon as customers used swipe machines, card numbers, pins, phone numbers and emails were ripped off.

Target’s advice for concerned customers is to change their pin.

If customers want a new card, Target officials said they will send shoppers new cards.

In the meantime, retailers are beefing up security while hackers are sending a clear message, buyer beware.