Police make first known arrests in connection with Target data breach


TEXAS – Police have made the first known arrests in connection to the Target Data Breach.

Working with the secret service, the McAllen, Texas police department arrested Mary Carmen Vaquera and Daniel Guardiola Dominguez.

The two Mexican nationals were arrested Sunday morning attempting to cross into the U.S.

During the arrest, police seized 96 cards linked to South Texas accounts that were victims of the nationwide Target data breach.

Chief Victor Rodriguez with McAllen police says “we were able to work with secret service and identify that that information is part of the data set that was breached in the Target scenario back in late last year.”

Rodriguez also says “we think that as time goes, this becomes more urgent because every day that goes by, every piece of attention that’s focused on the target breach is devaluating because people are taking the corrective steps.”

Right now the two suspects are in the custody of McAllen police but will likely be moved under federal jurisdiction.