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Project sends 9/11 fire truck to Oklahoma to teach others about FDNY heroes

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Courtesy: The Remembrance Project

MUSTANG, Okla. – While it’s been almost 13 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, organizers throughout the country are hoping Americans will never forget the heroes from that day.

The Remembrance Rescue Project is a not-for-profit group that was created by firefighters from across the country.

The project’s goal is to restore, preserve and share Rescue 4 and Rescue 5 from 9/11 as educational tools, historical artifacts and memorials.

Organizers say it’s a way to teach younger generations, who may have been too young to remember the events of that day, and others about the importance of our firefighters and our history.

Rescue 5 is stationed on Staten Island and was just one of the companies to rush to the World Trade Center on  Sept. 11, 2001.

Tragically, the station lost 12 members when the towers collapsed.

While they were mourning the loss of their brothers, Rescue 5’s truck required major repairs before it could go back into service.

On Sunday, Jan. 26, Rescue 5 will make its way to the Mustang Fire Department for an open house.

Visitors will have the chance to get close to a piece of America’s past.

While the truck was scheduled to arrive at the station around 1 p.m., organizers say it was having a little trouble.

It is scheduled to arrive at the Mustang Fire Department around 3 p.m.

Doors will be open to visitors until 5 p.m.

After that, the truck will be visiting various schools in the area to teach children about Sept. 11, 2001 and the men who lost their lives trying to save others.