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Residents in downtown OKC neighborhoods concerned about alleged trespassers

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For the past few weeks, residents along W. Sheridan Ave. in downtown Oklahoma City say their neighborhood has been overtaken by a homeless community.

For weeks, they say they have tried to restore their neighborhood by removing the squatters.

However, they haven't had much luck.

Sarah Barrow says her family rarely gets to spend their days outside enjoying the weather because she says the homeless population is consuming her neighborhood.

She says a trail has formed through her backyard to an alleyway.

The Barrows say they called the police many times to have the squatters moved.

However, the police say unless there are signs posted saying, 'No Trespassing,' there is nothing they can do.

Shortly after calling police, the owner of the property posted those 'No Trespassing' signs around the yard.

NewsChannel 4 checked back a little while later.

All but one of the tents had been taken down but Barrow says she still has concerns.

She said, "I'm still gonna have my guard up still, 'til I know the problem's actually solved. I feel a little bit safer but not completely safe yet."