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Tired of telemarketers? There’s an app for that

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If you get tired of telemarketers always calling throughout the evening, there’s a simple way to avoid getting those calls.

Privacy Star is a free app for Android devices.

Developers say that when you get a call, the app’s caller ID will alert you to what type of business is calling you.

It also gives you the option to either answer or block the call.

If you decide to pick up, Privacy Star gives you the option to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Jonathan Sasse, CMO of Privacy Star, said, “Maybe it’s a telemarketer that has a considerable amount of complaints against them, in which case, it’s a number that you probably don’t want to answer.”

Organizers say Privacy Star has amassed a considerable amount of data, allowing users to go straight to its website to look up any phone number that you don’t recognize.

That feature will give you the person or business behind the number and how many complaints have been filed against them.

The app is free to download but there are limitations on some features that are only for “premium” subscribers.