Oklahoma Scores High in Planning for Public Health Hazards

Devon Tower in sunset from Chase Tower - Ashton Edwards

Devon Tower in sunset from Chase Tower - Ashton Edwards

OKLAHOMA – Oklahoma State Department of Health officials are pleased with the “2013-2014 National Snapshot of Public Health Preparedness” report released this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The annual report demonstrates that investing in state and federal resources to respond to public health threats and emergencies has resulted in improvements in health security; helped prevent the leading causes of illness, injury, disability and death; and assisted in collaborations with the healthcare system to strengthen the public’s health.

“The CDC report’s snapshot for Oklahoma indicates the state operates at a high level of readiness to rapidly respond to and recover from a wide range of public health threats,” said Scott Sproat, director, OSDH Emergency Preparedness and Response Service. “We’re pleased that our efforts to collaborate with local, state, tribal and federal public health agencies; the healthcare system; and emergency management organizations have resulted in a high level of readiness to safeguard Oklahoma communities. Our challenge now is to sustain this readiness.”

Oklahoma’s laboratory response network, emergency operations coordination, emergency public information and warning system, and ability to distribute critical assets such as medicine, vaccines and medical supplies to the public during a large-scale public health emergency, all received high marks in the report.