Oklahoma woman gets a second chance at walking

LINDSAY, Okla. – By putting one foot in front of the other Carla Calhoun from Lindsay is making huge steps in her recovery. “It gave me my life.”

At age 50, Calhoun suffered a stroke that completely paralyzed the right side of her body.

“I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden I couldn’t talk, felt funny. So I got off the road and passed out.”

She slowly regained small amounts of movements in her limbs – but for the most part was bedridden.

Carla describes it as “A dark place.”

Then she started rehabilitation at Jim Thorpe working with the Bioness Foot Drop System and physical therapist Jo Baroli who explained how it works.

“It’s a device that controls foot drops. It’s just a cuff  with two electrodes that are connected to the control unit that allows electrical stimulation.  To activate the nerve which then tells the muscle exactly how and when to contract.”

Calhoun received it as a gift from the National Stroke Association
A gift that has given her freedom

Each step is one step toward a life she thought she’d never have again.

“My chiropractor  signed me up for the turkey trot in November I’m going to walk or run the turkey trot. I can go back to living.”