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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will guides son away from Hollywood

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UPDATED: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last wish for his son was that he grow up in New York, Chicago or San Francisco, according to the late actor’s will.

Hoffman, who died of a heroin overdose earlier this month, left his entire estate to “friend and companion” Mimi O’Donnell, who is the mother of his three children, according to the document released by the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court Wednesday.

It was signed by Hoffman in October 2004, when his son, Cooper, now 10, was just a year old and before daughters Tallulah and Willa were born.

“It is my strong desire, and not direction to my guardian, that my son, Cooper Hoffman be raised and reside in or near the borough of Manhattan in the State of New York, or Chicago Illinois, or San Francisco, California,” Hoffman stated in the 13-page will.

That provision was in a section that applied only if O’Donnell was not living at the time of his death and if a guardian was to be appointed for his children.

If living in his preferred three cities was not possible, Hoffman requested that his son at least visit there twice a year.

“The purpose of this request is so that my son will be exposed to the culture, arts and architecture that such cities offer,” Hoffman’s will said.

Original story:

MANHATTAN – American actor and director Philip Seymour Hoffman died Sunday. He was 46.

Police said Hoffman, 46, was found on the bathroom floor and pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators found two bags of what is believed to be heroin inside the fourth-floor apartment, according to CNN.

Police are investigating to determine whether anyone was with the actor when he died, the officials said.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was born in the Rochester, New York, suburb of Fairport on July 23, 1967.

Hoffman won the Best Actor Academy Award for his leading role in the 2005 film “Capote.”