Memorial Day weekend looking to be in the 90s, low storm chances

Oklahomans look to the lottery to help fund build safer schools

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OKLAHOMA - When the lottery passed back in 2004 about 60% of Oklahomans were favor of that type of gambling. Remember, the money was to go to education.

As we head into storm season here in the Sooner State many are once again asking why aren't we using profits from our $200 million dollar a year lottery to build safer schools?

At Briarwood Elementary school on May 20th an F5 tornado tore the roof off. It brought the walls down and all over our state that storm destroyed parents' confidence in their school buildings.

Brad Gray and his 5th grade daughter survived May 20th inside Briarwood.

Sheri Bittle and her son Kaden were both there too. Sheri was a first grade teacher there.

They are both asking for safe-rooms in the schools.

Brad Gray says "I think it should be a really high priority. I think it's going to take more than one thing. There's not a simple easy fix."

NewsChannel4's Ali Meyer goes in search of the answer to the question why not look to the 200 million dollar lottery to help fund safe-rooms.