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Winter weather takes some drivers by surprise

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OKLAHOMA -  As the winter weather continues to move across the sooner state, it poses a dangerous threat to all drivers on the roadways.

Sunday drivers braved the hazardous snow storm and poor road conditions, most traveled at low speeds, even one seasoned trucker had parked his vehicle but his brakes didn't slow the truck from sliding down the snow covered hill into the Oklahoma Welcome Center off I-35 and 122nd street.

One woman who saw the whole thing said as the truck began sliding down the hill the driver along with another man chased behind it but were unable to reach it in time.

EMSA has tips for drivers when the road conditions are hazardous.

  • Make sure your car is warmed up.
  • Bring with you food, water and blankets.
  • Bring your cell phone and the charger in case you need to call for help.
  • Make sure all of your windows are clear so you can see if another car is coming towards you out of control.

EMSA says they have been responding to injury accidents all day and will work around the clock to ensure that everyone who is in need of help gets it.

As of now the count is up to 36 injury accidents and four slips and falls.