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EDMOND, Okla - There are more homes with pets than children in America and the Edmond Fire Department knows, they too, are members of the family.

Lance Breener, a paramedic with the Edmond Fire Department, told us, "I've brought out birds, cats, dogs. We go to great lengths to save pets."

Every year, 300,000 animals die in house fires across the country, despite efforts by firefighters.

In many cases, homeowners are injured or killed running back into a burning building to rescue their dogs and cats.

Breener said, "They go back in to save their pets but that's our job."

Now, the Edmond Fire Department has a new tool to save the lives of pets.

Firefighters are learning animal CPR and every station is equipped with pet oxygen masks.

They are specifically designed to save service dogs, K9 police dogs and your pet from suffering from smoke inhalation.

With the right equipment, odds are much better these important members of our family survive a devastating house fire.

Breener said, "Absolutely. We want a happy ending for every member of the family."