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Facebook turns 10-years-old

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Facebook turned ten years old today.

Ten years ago Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg launched “The Facebook” from his Harvard dorm. Since then, the site has gone on to redefine our lives online.

Yet more than a billion members later, it’s hard to imagine whether, if the world’s largest social network disappeared tomorrow, the lives of most people would change much, if at all.

It’s helped us remember friends’ birthdays, made “unfriend” a word and allowed us to “like” more pictures and articles than we ever thought possible.

“It’s been a pretty amazing journey,” says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. “It’s so rare to have the opportunity to touch a billion people’s lives.”

Those billion users worldwide have more than 200 billion connections made through sharing 400 billion photos.

7.8 trillion messages have been sent and users are “liking” more than 6 billion times a day in more than 70 languages.