Next chance of rain to move in this weekend

UPDATE: Oklahoma City school district out of ‘built-in snow days’ already, due to low wind chills

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OKLAHOMA CITY – While children across the Oklahoma City Public School District are enjoying another day off from school, officials may need to take a look at their new “wind chill” policy.

As of Wednesday, district officials announced that they have run out of built-in inclement weather days.

Tierney Tinnin, the spokesperson for Oklahoma City Public Schools, sent this statement:

“Changes to the district’s official calendar must be approved by the OKCPS Board of Education. In the event that additional inclement weather make-up days are required, the district’s leadership team will work with union employee groups to develop a plan that the interim superintendent will present to the Board for a vote. The plan will be developed to meet the educational needs of our students and when approved will be communicated to parents, students and staff.”

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Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Friday.

Students will not report to school.