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Residential shooting forces neighbors to prepare for crime

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The aftermath of a home invasion left many neighbors fearing for their safety.

Police say two people who live in a home off Rockwell and NW 10th street fought off three armed suspects as they broke in.

The residents were hurt in an exchange of gunfire with the intruders. One shot in the hand, the other in the leg

Mark Parson lives just down the street from where the shootout took place and says he has a security system but it`s never been turned on.” I’ve never used it  because I mean we’ve lived here for fourteen years and nothings ever happened but I think I’m going to use it now.”

Parson says he keeps his doors locked, and although police have been patrolling the neighborhood today. Other neighbors like Jarrel Lyon who doesn`t have an alarm system says he is depending on other methods of keeping criminals out of his home “it makes me feel very unsafe, that’s why I’m thinking about getting a firearm handy.”

Police say the victims were in stable condition when transported to the hospital and the suspects are still on the loose.