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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Edmond man claims to have shot, killed a chupacabra

EDMOND, Okla. - It seems that at least a few times every year, residents across Oklahoma believe they saw a chupacabra.

This past weekend, Evan Brown tells us an animal they believe was a chupacabre tried to attack their French Bulldogs.

Brown said, "We are out at the Brown residence in North Edmond, northeast. We have here the real thing a chupacabra, cousins to the unicorn."

In an effort to defend their dogs, the family shot and killed the animal.

Brown captured the animal's image on tape, which NewsChannel 4 brought to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

However, officials say this is not a chupacabra.

Micah Holmes, with the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife, said, "We saw the video today and it looks like a coyote with a case of mange, unfortunately. We have lots of folks who say they've seen one but we haven't seen one yet. It's just a legend."

Holmes told us to remind people that it is legal to hunt coyotes as long as you have a hunting license.

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