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Oklahoma officer using unusual knowledge to protect and serve community, other officers

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MOORE, Okla. -  Oklahomans are no stranger to severe weather, which can deter a lot of people from coming to this part of the country.

However, Oklahoma's extreme weather is what first attracted Officer C. Wilson to the state.

If you ask him, he'll casually mention he has several degrees in meteorology but he also has another love.

Wilson said, "I got my last degree from OU and I decided, you know, now or never as far as law enforcement. And I applied here at the City of Moore and I was lucky enough to get hired on."

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, with the Moore Police Department, said, "Even hiring him, we had joked several times that the reason I hired him was to help us know if a tornado was coming."

Little did they know that a few months later, that's exactly what Wilson would do.

He was able to relay life-saving information to officers using the police radios.

"On [May 31], there was so many different rotating storms that were evolving very rapidly," Officer Wilson said. "The storms were moving quickly and I was able to try to guide the officers in the field, that we had in the field, to the safest locations that we could."

Sgt. Lewis said, "To have one of our own officers who knows how to talk to us and that we really trust a whole lot, we were grateful for that."

Moore police admit they're not storm chasers.

They leave that to the professionals.

Lewis said, "It's more of a comforting feeling being able to call [Officer Wilson] and say, you know, 'Where can we go? What can we do?' Knowing one,  he's one of us, he's a police officer and two, he has that knowledge and can tell us."

"I guess it's a little bit of an unexpected turn!" Officer Wilson admits. "Not very many people probably take the path that I did."

Moore police say they don't just value Wilson because he understands the weather but because he's a great police officer as well.