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Looking back at the Katz drugstore sit-in

OKLAHOMA CITY - A lot has changed since segregation but it's always important to take a look back at our past.

A group of Oklahomans are spending February remembering life-altering moments in history, like the Katz store sit-in.

Bruce Fisher said, “This exhibit and part of it we kept from last exhibit. Because it talks about the sit-in movement that began in Oklahoma City on Aug. 19,  1958. Most people under 50-years-old have no idea that at one time,  African-Americans could not go to a restaurants downtown, to go to a fast food place and be able to go inside and order food.  On Aug. 19, 1958,  Ms. Luper and 14 young people  went downtown to a place called Katz drugstore and that’s what began the sit-in movement.”

Ayanna  Najuma said,  “I was one of  12 children,  I guess you could say young people,  who went to Katz drugstore. I was next to the youngest, I was 7-years-old  and my sister Lana was five. One of the most important things that the sit-in movement did was to allow me to develop leadership skills. I’m feeling very proud, I’m proud that I was a part of history. I’m glad that the impact that it had on Oklahoma has been amazing.”


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