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HIGH fire danger: Firefighters working to keep up with grass fires, house fire across metro

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Northwest Oklahoma City Fires:

OKLAHOMA CITY – No one was hurt in a devastating northwest house fire Tuesday afternoon.

Officials said a small grass fire sparked a larger blaze that ended up destroying a home near N.W. 129th St. and Rockwell Ave.

Firefighters say high winds caused power lines to spark and that ignited the grass fire.

The fire then spread into a Cedar tree in the back yard of the victim’s home.

Fire from the tree caused the roof to go up in flames.

OKLAHOMA CITY – What started as a grass fire near Francis Tuttle has spread to a home in the area.

Crews have contained the house fire near N.W. 122nd St. and Rockwell Tuesday afternoon.

Fire crews had to cut the roof to ventilate and said the home has very significant damage.

House fire N.E. 46th St. and MLK Ave.

House fire N.E. 46th St. and MLK Ave.

Northeast Oklahoma City Fires:

UPDATE: Crews have put out the house fire near N.E. 46th St. and Martin Luther King Ave.

Authorities said the fire started on the stove.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Crews are on the way to a house fire in northeast Oklahoma City.

Authorities said the fire on 1600 block of N.E. 46th St. and Martin Luther King Ave. started just before 10:30 a.m.

Southeast Oklahoma Fire Fires: 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Crews have contained a grass fire near the I-40 Dallas Junction.

Smoke was blowing across all lanes.

Authorities asked drivers to avoid the area and find an alternate route.

So far no injuries have been reported.

Officials have not confirmed how the fire started.