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Kansas bill would lighten penalties for teachers, parents who spank kids to the point of bruising

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CNN)  - A bill that would allow spanking in schools is getting parents fired up on social media.

Deidre Sexton enjoys being 'Nana' with the responsibilities of a guardian by day.

However, she says she has limits with how she disciplines her 2-year-old granddaughter.

Sexton says she draws the line at spanking.

She told KCTV said, "I would never ever."

She added, "Even if the parent tells you. Even if my own children told me, 'You can discipline the grand kids.' I wouldn't do it. I would find other ways of doing it."

A bill proposed in the Kansas House of Representatives suggests lightening the spanking laws, allowing parents or anyone given permission by a parent to spank a child.

In fact, the bill would allow spanking hard enough to leave redness or bruising.

While some supporters believe children need to be taught respect, child abuse experts say the measure is antiquated.

Amy Terreros, a pediatric nurse, said, "20, 30 years ago, we didn't sit in car seats and we do now. And so maybe they did spank or were spanked as a child. But now, we have research that shows it is less effective than time out. It tends to lead to more aggressive behavior with a child."

Kansas proponents of the bill say kids are losing respect for authority and that parents should be able to discipline their children without fear.

However, 30 other states disagreed and they've banned corporal punishment altogether.