Police claim officers did nothing wrong in Oklahoma man’s death

MOORE, Okla. – Moore police spoke Tuesday for the first time since a man died in their custody.

Luis Rodriguez died early Saturday morning.

His wife claims police beat her husband outside of the Warren Theater.

Officers say they were at the theater for an unrelated call when a domestic disturbance was reported in the parking lot.

That alleged disturbance involved the Rodriguez family.

Police say they were trying to interview the family when Luis Rodriguez refused to cooperate.

Chief Jerry Stilling, with the Moore Police Department, said, “One of the officers attempted to detain Mr. Rodriguez, at which time Mr. Rodriguez threw the officer off of his arm.”

At that point, other officers stepped in to detain him.

During that time, authorities say pepper spray was used.

Nair Rodriguez said, “They do not have a license to kill. They have a license to protect.”

Chief Stilling said, “It was his actions, taking an aggressive physical stance and his refusal to cooperate that led officers to believe he needed to be detained.”

Police say a witness has come forward, who says they did not believe police beat Rodriguez.

Chief Stilling said, “They described it as the officers actively trying to get an out of control person under control.”

Nair Rodriguez initially said she would show us the video when police returned her phone on Tuesday.

However, Nair’s attorneys would not allow her to release that video.

Attorney Melissa Lujan said, “We knew there was a press conference and we knew she was coming to get the phone, so we came down here to try to protect her. But at this point, we just need to let the investigation happen. They need some privacy. They need some time to grieve.”

Nair Rodriguez still holds on to the hope the video will prove her husband did nothing wrong.

Nair said, “Truth will prevail.”

Police say they believe there may be other witnesses to what happened that night.

They are asking anyone with information to please come forward.