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Police: Robbery suspect connected to ‘most horrific crime they’ve ever seen’

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NORMAN, Okla. - Police have arrested a robbery suspect, who officers say was also involved in a very violent crime in the Sooner State.

Authorities say he made headlines in a case that some law enforcement officials call "the most horrific crime they've ever seen."

In 2011, fire officials in Midwest City made the gruesome discovery.

Kyle Smith stabbed his grandparents to death with a machete, killed their dog and recorded the slaughter on his cell phone.

Investigators say Smith invited his friends, Dustin Martin and Jacob LeBlanc, over to smoke marijuana after the killings.

After the crime, authorities say the home was set on fire.

Smith was sentenced to life in prison, but claimed it was Martin's idea to burn the house down to cover up the crime.

In exchange for his cooperation, Martin received a 10-year deferred sentence; but it seems Martin slipped back into his criminal lifestyle.

Authorities say he was allegedly caught on video robbing a woman inside a Moore 7-Eleven.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said, "[Martin] grabbed the money out of her hand, $200, then took off running."

Shortly after our story aired, Martin turned himself in to police.

Now, the Oklahoma County District Attorney is working to accelerate his deferred sentence, which means Martin could be facing the jail time he avoided.

Mashburn said, "I think arson carries 20 years, so he could be accelerated to the 20 years on the arson charge."

In addition to the old arson charge, Martin faces a robbery charge for the crime in Cleveland County.

He's still in jail and officials say that's the best place for him.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, with the Moore Police Department, said, "This guy was involved in a homicide and now he's committed an armed robbery. Obviously, he'll do anything."

Martin did have a probation officer.

As far as they know, this was his first crime since his deferred sentence.

Martin told police the reason he robbed the woman at 7-Eleven is because he needed some quick cash.