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Well, hello! Baby tortoises are breaking out at the Tulsa Zoo

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Photo: Tulsa Zoo

Photo: Tulsa Zoo

Photo: Tulsa Zoo

Photo: Tulsa Zoo

TULSA, Okla. – The Tulsa Zoo is welcoming their latest additions to the neighborhood, these baby tortoises.

The zoo said it is very excited about its most recent nine Aldabra tortoise hatchlings which are part of their breeding program.

Officials said the zoo is one of only two institutions currently breeding this species.

The Tulsa Zoo said the first emerged from its shell in 1999 and it has been breeding them ever since.

This years babies started to “pip” or crack through their eggs Feb. 9 after about three or four months.

Zoo officials said it takes the little guys about five days to get out of their shells and then another couple of days for them to be ready to move into their habitat at the zoo.

The zoo is home to three adult males and two adult females.

The males can grow to 400 pounds with the females reaching about 175 pounds.

Their ages range from 31 to 100 years old.