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Many know her as the "Financial Diva."

She is owner and chief investment adviser at ChappelWood Financial - but recently she was also on a very popular tv show.

She's a money manager based in Edmond that has seen her share of publicity.

Victoria Woods is often seen here on NewsChannel 4 as a financial expert but she's also made many national appearances as well.

This past year she made a few appearances that had nothing to do with financial planning. Real Housewives Financial Diva group pic

"When you attack my friend, now that's a problem for me," she said.

That "friend" is a prominent player on one of the Real Housewives series which led to Victoria coming on the hit show.

Victoria said you wouldn't believe what goes on behind the scenes.

"We are not responsible, even through editing it, we make you look bad, if you do something that makes you look bad, if this hurts your reputation, if this hurts your business they go on and on," "There are just a couple of lights and two cameramen and that's pretty much it," she said.