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Edmond police on the hunt for ‘Flasher’

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EDMOND, Okla - Police are searching for a man, wearing only a hoodie, who jumped from the bushes at Mitch Park.

Jason Souter is fired up after he caught the man with his pants on the ground.

"When I saw him the first thing that I could think was this is a complete pervert that needs to be caught right away." Souter said.

Edmond police say a man ambushed a mother and her son Wednesday night at Mitch Park and flashed them.

Jennifer Monroe said "A guy came out of the bushes in a black hoodie and was naked from the waist down and exposed himself to her and then took off."

Souter happened to be jogging at the time of the incident, and came across the shaken woman as she called 911.

He said "I said 'Was he standing here? Is he still here?' And she said 'Yeah, he's right over there." And she pointed and I took a couple steps back and I could see him at that tree. And at the time that he saw me, he made eye contact with me at the tree and then he just went off in a dead sprint."

Souter chased the suspect for awhile, but lost sight on him in the trees.

Now police are trying to track down the man before he strikes again.
Even though he didn't catch him, Jason is glad he was there to protect the woman and her son.

"I think I was happy to be in the right place at the right time and I was glad I could be of some help."

Souter is currently enrolled in the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Academy.

Edmond police have increased patrols in the area and ask anyone with information to call them.