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STILLWATER, Okla. – Miss America Nina Davuluri was just finishing a presentation to a group of visiting third graders at Oklahoma State University Thursday morning when her own third grade teacher, Mary Hatcher, paid her a surprise visit.

Hatcher, who continues to teach at Homer Elementary School in Byng, Okla., jumped at the opportunity to drive several hours to Stillwater to be reunited with her former student. Davuluri attended third grade in Byng.

“I have fond memories of teaching both Nina and her sister and I was really honored to finally get to congratulate her in person,” said Hatcher. “I love seeing my students and keeping up with what they are doing in their lives, so getting a chance to see Nina present to a group of third graders was a real thrill for me.”

Hatcher’s teenaged daughter, who was born about the same time that she was teaching the future Miss America, accompanied her mother to Stillwater. “This was a great opportunity for her to meet Miss America and be inspired by her presentation to the students,” said Hatcher.

The surprise reunion was organized by the OSU College of Education, which hosted Miss America’s presentation at the Wes Watkins Center during OSU Research Week.

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