Sandra Bullock’s pay day from the movie ‘Gravity’ may boggle your mind


Sandra Bullock may have to wait to hear is she has won an Oscar for “Gravity.”

But, whether she wins an Oscar or not, her bank account has already won.

She’s raking in millions for her role in the movie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bullock is to make $70 million dollars for her starring role.

She received $20 million upfront and $50 million more in a back-end deal that gives Bullock 15% of the studio’s box office take.

She’s not the first star to score an astronomical paycheck.

Johnny Depp received a fortune for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Robert Downey, Jr. A.K.A “Iron Man” cashed in with a similar deal. Jr. reportedly took home a $50 million dollar bonus for his role in “The Avengers.”