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Oklahoma attorney arrested for smuggling sex toys to inmate in jail

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma attorney was put behind bars and is now facing six charges after allegedly smuggling contraband inside the Oklahoma County Jail.

According to the arrest affidavit, 70-year-old Frank Kirk and a female inmate repeatedly engaged in sexual acts inside the detention center.

Those acts happened during attorney/client meetings inside the jail.

Sheriff John Whetsel, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, says the woman believed Kirk was her attorney.

According to court records, that was not the case.

Whetsel said, "Frank Kirk is the one that decided not to follow the rules."

Frank Kirk, an attorney, is now defending himself after the sheriff says he smuggled a cell phone, personal lubricant, baby wipes and a vibrating ring into the county jail for use during a meeting with the so-called client.

Whetsel said, "During their initial meeting, Kirk told the victim that since she didn't have the cash to pay for his services, she could make it up by performing sexual acts instead."

The sheriff says the relationship went on inside the jail for three months.

During that time, the woman performed sexual acts in front of and with Kirk.

The whole time she believed he was her attorney.

Whetsel said, "He was never her attorney. He had her believing he was her attorney."

It was only after a public defender told the inmate about the progress of her case that she realized what had actually happened.

She reported it to deputies, who were able to listen in on a recent visit.

Whetsel said, "There was a pre-arranged signal and as soon as she used that, the deputies made the arrest."

The sheriff says those attorney/client meetings are now being reviewed.

He said, "We know attorney visits are a part of the criminal justice process. However, we are working to see if there are ways to strengthen the attorney rules at the jail and still allow them access to their clients."

Meanwhile, we tried to track Kirk down at his office and his home.

He was not there and those who were refused to talk about what's happened.

The sheriff says they are also working to file a complaint against Kirk with the Oklahoma Bar Association.

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