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“Oklahoma Strong” monument project reflects on community, coming to new Moore Central Park

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The devastation left behind from the May 2013 disaster brought a group of people together wanting to give back to the community. Out of that desire the “Oklahoma Strong” monument project was born. The goal is to show the resilience of Oklahomans and celebrate ‘community’. monument

The new 50-acre Central Park in Moore at SW 4th and Broadway will be the home of this new interactive project which will be funded through private donations. The new park will be a new community center with an aquatic park, farmer’s market and amphitheatre.

The three-million dollar monument features 80-90 silhouettes of real Oklahomans including pets in various forms of interaction. It will be approximately 85′ in diameter, constructed of core-ten steel. Kinetic lighting and the music of Oklahoma’s great artists, past and present, will bring the structure to life. Bricks will be sold as part of the fundraising campaign and will pave the walkway around the monument.

The architect and artist is also an Oklahoman, Connie Scothorn with CLS & Associates.

On March 3rd the Moore City Council gave the project the green-light to move to the next phase. The monument will be located on the north end of the park.

The monument is expected to be complete by Spring 2015.

Some of the main fundraising projects include:

-May 17 in Moore Oklahoma Strong 5K Run

-May 20 at Crossroads Mall Taste of Our Town

A website for the project will be up my mid-March.

NewsChannel 4 is proud to be partnering with this community involvement initiative and project.