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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City school was one of five in the country to receive a special visit from a star from "The Voice".

Season four winner Danielle Bradbery has joined forces with the "Music in Our Schools" tour to promote music education.

Wednesday, they made a stop at Classen School of Advanced Studies, with a big surprise in tow.

A performance just before third period is nothing out of the ordinary at Classen S.A.S., but this time the students were the ones in the audience.

Principal Dr. Davis says,  "You guys have earned this honored today."

School officials were presented with a $1,000 check from the National Association of Music Education and Danielle Bradbery later matched that donation.

It was all to honor the school's commitment to music education.

"There's music from ear to ear,” says Bradbery. “They are so passionate about what they do and what instrument they play."

Student Collin Holloway says, "Just walking down the hall you hear vocals, violins, it's awesome. It's just everywhere."

But Classen S.A.S. didn't apply for this, the National Association for Music Education found them.

Assistant Executive Director Jane Balek says, “Show us a school that's doing everything right and Classen just came right up."

Balek says there's no question students who study music score higher on standardized tests and tend to have higher graduation rates.

"But there's that other part of what music teaches kids that we call grit,” says Balek. “That ability to try something and maybe fail and learn more from that."

Something the association feels is missing in many schools nationwide, but there's no shortage at Classen S.A.S.

Danielle Bradbery says, "Kids that come here, it's like home to them."

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