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Oklahoma City, Okla. - The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is investigating instances in which adults are accused of putting kids at risk.
Deputies say the adults were driving under the influence with children along for the ride.

Saturday, Deputies arrested Danielle Frank. They say she was passed out at the wheel of her car. In the passenger seat was a drunk teenager. This was at the intersection of Western and Sheridan downtown Oklahoma City at 6:00 in the morning. The police report says Frank had been taking Xanex pills.

Then at 11:30 Saturday night, Deputies arrested Shaun Alexander. According to the police report, he admitted to smoking weed and driving with his two daughters in the car. His little girls are eight and 10. Deputies say he failed a field sobriety test because he stumbled when he walked and slurred his words.

Family picked up his children. Luckily for the dunk teenager in Frank's car, Deputies let her parents pick her up. She could have gone to the juvenile detention center for underage drinking.