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VIDEO: Watch what happens when strangers meet and are told to kiss

first kiss

A new video that focuses on the awkwardness of strangers in intimate situations is going viral.

The ‘First Kiss’ video has already garnished over 25 million views on YouTube.

Organizers say they paired 20 strangers and asked them to kiss for the first time after just one or two minutes of meeting each other.

The film by Tatia Pilieva  paired up young and old, models and locals and focused on how they reacted to one another.

Pilieva said, “The interesting moment was before and after the kiss. It’s almost more intimate and more awkward.”

She says she picked the 20 strangers from friends and acquaintances.

The strangers had about one or two minutes to meet each other before their lips locked.

Pilieva said, “But that’s a long time when you have five cameras pointed at you.”

Once the kissing was done, awkwardness returned.

She said, “It was so tender. The world seemed a kinder place watching people be so sweet.”

Apparently, it didn’t end there.

After the cameras were off, organizers say one of the couples ended up going to the park.

Another one went out to lunch.