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WATCH: Yellow truck hauling trailer leads police in slow-mo circles in parking lot chase

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SEATTLE – Well, this is something you don’t see everyday… and probably for good reason.

A suspect led police on a chase but not your normal garden-variety pursuit.

In this video, a suspect in a yellow truck complete with travel trailer leads authorities in slow-motion circles in a parking lot.

KCPQ-TV reported the suspect in the truck refused to stop the circuitous caravan until he spoke with Washington State Governor Jay Inslee.

The low-speed chase in the Coleman Dock parking lot delayed ferries for just under an hour Tuesday night.

Authorities arrested the man at about 11 p.m.

Officials have not confirmed why the man was demanding to speak to the governor.

They also haven’t said why the man may have chosen the dock parking lot for the chase in the first place.

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